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Lighting - LED

Being green and saving energy adds up to saving money and improved margins. In todays economic climate where maximising profits is a key ingredient to becoming a successful business, looking at all aspects of expenditure is vital and lighting is a key cost factor for many businesses. Switching from fluorescent to LED can cut your lighting bill in half or more and make savings on maintenance costs as well because of substantially increased life expectancy.

Many businesses are put off switching due to the higher capital cost, but now funding is available to purchase the capital equipment and the repayments are usually less than the cost savings you make on a monthly basis. Please contact us for more information.

All the common lamps can be replaced by LED without changing the fittings and we can offer a FREE lighting audit to determine usage and savings for each type of light you have.

To find out how much your business will benefit, complete and return the attached form by emailing it to and we will send our Lighting Saving Report.

We can also access 100% unsecured funding where the savings will pay the borrowings.

Typical Products Energy Saving
150w Low Bay Light 47%
400w High Bay Light 50%
4 x 18/36w Fluorescent T5 & T8 panels 50%
Single Fluorescent tubes 57%+
2 x 58W Car Park/High Corrosive 63%
50w Halogens & MR16's 88-90%
2 x 28PL/Plug Lights 55%