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The cost of energy affects the net profit margins of all businesses and managing these costs is a critical factor in maintaining profitability. Switching suppliers can be a time consuming, complex and thankless task and here at Genesys we take the hassle factor out of switching as we look after the whole process and constantly check the market to ensure you get the best rates available with the minimum of fuss.

The Cost

Our service is provided Free of Charge, as most providers do not have sales teams, it is more cost effective for them to pay brokers a commission and therefore there is no need to charge our clients as well.

The Process

We have a simple process revolving round our Letter of Authority along with copies of your bills and while this is not contractual, it does allow us to have passive access to your account and obtain quotes on your behalf.

We cannot and will not enter you into a contract at any time without your absolute consent.

  • Meet/talk with a local Cost Consultant to discuss your current situation
  • Your Cost Consultant will report back to you with details such as your contract end dates and your renewal period
  • Various options are provided from our panel of suppliers and your Consultant will outline the pros and cons of each giving you the power to decide which is best for you
  • If you are happy with one of the options, we will organise the contract and direct debit forms for you to sign and then process the renewal or change of supplier.

How can we negotiate better terms than individual businesses?

Collaborative buying is the answer. We all understand that when you are buying in large quantities you get a better deal. That is what we do, buying for hundreds and hundreds of businesses we can negotiate better prices helping everyone to get a better deal.